For the past 15 years I have been giving presentations of my journeys to companies, schools, university, college and Rotary groups and library and symposium lecture series’. They are informative about the land, the environment, its people, and the culture and religion I have passed through. They show the difficulties I have faced but also guide the audience through the qualities I have found that have lead me to success; positive attitude, will, patience, a perpetual desire to see around the next bend and an openness to learn about all there is in the world. The presentations are all backed by my photographs which audiences have responded to with great enthusiasm. My presentations can be tailor made to address the interests or needs of the audience, such as;

        --- Geographic region, culture, or people, for example, Tibet, China, India, Africa, or the Andes.

        --- A particular journey, for example through Asia, South America, Mongolia, or along the Himalayas.

        --- My journeys across the six continents by bicycle as a whole.

        --- Motivational and inspirational. Using the skills gained through my chosen form of challenge I developed the self-

           confidence and faith in myself to set goals and then overcome obstacles that occurred almost on a daily basis, and

           actually enjoy the experience and be cognizant of the beauties and rewards along the way. I learnt that an individual

           is capable of doing anything he or she commits and set their minds to do, be it adventure, business, family,

           relationships. My presentations shares and extends the principles and lessons learnt from years of adventure travel.


        --- The role of positive attitude, patience, commitment, resourcefulness, self reliance, awareness of environment and those  

           around, and over-coming fear, to the greater goal and belief in the capabilities of oneself to achieve goals and enjoy 

           it along the way.

        --- State of the environment and cultures around the world.

        --- The lessons learnt about the state of the planet, the effect of humanity and our impact on the earth, the cultural

           differences, especially between the western countries and the non-west, and the changes in myself over the years as

           result of my travels and experiences.

My presentations have been always very well received by audiences.

“There is an artfulness about Matthew and his presentations. Like his titles, he can capture an audience with his ingenuity, but keep them informed with his expertise.....People with leave with an enlightened feeling.”

Annie Schmidt, Vail, Colorado, Public Library

“Matthew has built a reputation in Vermont for spectacular images and photography accompanied by dialogue that is stimulating, informational and witty.”

Richard Thompson-Tucker, Merck Forest and Farmland Center.

I would be happy to give a presentation at your group, family or corporate event, and share with you my journeys and thoughts.

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