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I have been hiking in the world’s wild and natural landscapes for the past 30 years. Through a wide range of diverse environments and climatic conditions I have continually found beauty, solitude and reveled in the magnificence of our planet. Whether it be climbing mountain ridges and summits, following rivers or coastlines, passing lakes or glaciers, or meandering across grasslands and tundra I have found the excitement of discovery, the reward of accomplishment and the peace, power, and complexity of nature. I have had numerous close encounters with a variety of wildlife and am often accompanied by am camera through which I have been able to capture, at least the visual beauty, I have discovered.

While nature and its environments display a raw strength and power they too are fragile. Devastating encroachments on sensitive environments are never far away with clear-cut forestry, mining, pollution and urban sprawl. I have come to believe that nature and our natural environment is an elemental part of humanity, that we cannot survive without it, and that it has a right  to exist regardless of its benefit to human kind. For centuries man has distanced himself from the nature around him, creating environments and civilizations that bare little resemblance to the natural world. He has devised systems that not only preclude nature but exist at the detriment of nature. Many of our current environmental and social issues stem from this practice. I endeavor to pass on this appreciation of nature and wildness through his positions as Hiking and Cycling Guide and through his audio-visual presentations.


    European Alps: a lengthways traverse from Vienna to Monaco, through 6 countries: 2215 kms, 132 days 2007 Blog below

     Pyrenees: lengthways traverse from Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea via Haute Route through 3 countries: 781kms, 39       

          days, 2015. Blog below

    United Kingdom and Ireland: Climbed the highest points in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and N. Ireland as well as     

          numerous other Munros in Scotland and Ireland.

     Dinaric Alps: a lengthways traverse of most of the Dinaric Alps along the Peaks of the Balkans and Via Dinarica routes  

          through Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Croatia for 960 km and 46 days. 2019. Blog below

     Extensive day and overnight hikes in France, Italy, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Czech,

          Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine.


    Nepal Himalaya, Annapurna Circuit, Langtang and Khumbu Region treks climbing to 5800m. 1990

    India Himalaya, Climbed Stok Kangri (6121m - 20,200 ft) in Ladakh. Treks in Ladakh, Zanskar, Spiti, Lahaul, Kashmir,        

        1986, 2006

    Pakistan, Treks in the Karakoram and Hindu Raj in the regions of Chitral and Hunza. 1994

    Japan, Climbed Mt Fuji (3776m), Chokai-san (2236m), Ichizuchi-san (1982m), Yotei-san, Iwake-san (1800m), 2002

    Vietnam, Climbed Fansipan (3143m), highest peak in Vietnam, 2014

   Georgia, Trekked through the Caucasus Mountains, day hikes in Svaneti, and 7 days from Kazbegi to Omalo, Tusheti, 2016

    Iran, hikes in the Alborz Mtns: In the Alamut valley and over the range to the north side, ascent of Mt Touchal, 3960m, 2016

    South Korea, climbed three highest mountains in the country, 2017

    Kyrgyzstan, Trek in the Teskey Ala Too range, a part of the Tien Shan, 2017


    Tanzania, Climbed Kilimanjaro (5892m), 1998

    Malawi, Climbed Sapitwa Peak (3002m) on the Mt Mulanje massif, 1998, Highest point in Malawi.

    South Africa, Climbed Champagne Castle (3375m) in The Drakensburg Range, 1998, Highest Peak in the South Africa.

    Zimbabwe, Climbed Mt Nyangani (2592m) 1998, Highest Peak in Zimbabwe

    Mozambique, Climbed Mt Binga, 1998, Highest peak in Mozambique

    Morocco, Climbed Jebel Toubkal (4167m), 2013, highest peak in Morocco, hiked a 9 day loop around Toubkal massif.

South America

    Ecuador, Climbed Cotopaxi (5897m), 2000

    Peru, Trekked over the Cordillera Blanca from near to Huaraz to Chacas, and the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, 2000

    Chile, Torres del Paine Circuit, 2000

Australia et al

    Papua New Guinea, Kokoda Track (1978), Climbed Mt Wilhelm (4509m) 1978, highest peak in PNG

    New Zealand, Climbed Mt Tongariro (1978), Mt Ruapehu (2797), hiked the Ruapehu Circuit, Wangapeka Track, Able    

        Tasman Track, Heaphy Track, Queen Charlotte Track, a route from Nelson Lakes to Lewis Pass, Hikes in the Arthurs Pass            

        area, Kepler Track, Routeburn, Greenstone and Caples Tracks, Dusky Sound Track, hikes in the Mt Cook area.

    Australia,  Numerous Hikes in the Colo, Blue Mountains, Budawangs, Brindabella, Snowy Mountains - Kosciuszko, Victorian    

        Alps, Wilsons Promontory, Great Ocean Walk, Grampians areas. In Tasmania: South Coast Track including South Cape,

        South-West Cape and Precipitous Bluff, Eastern and Western Arthurs including Federation Peak, Pictons, Frenchmans

        Cap, Overland Track, Mt Field, Freycinet, Maria Island. Also rafted the Franklin River as a two man party in two, two man    

        rafts 1981.

North America

    USA, North-East: Climbed all 111 4000+ft (1200+m) peaks in the north east (states of ME, NH, VT, NY), Appalachian and

            Adirondack and Catskill Mountains in spring through fall and then again in winter.

     Colorado: Climbed approx. 750 peaks in Colorado including 42 14,000 ft peaks and 425 13,000ft peaks, some of

            which climbed in winter.   

     Other western USA: Hiked throughout the western half of the US including: the Colorado Plateau in UT, Grand Canyon,

            Sierra Mountain Range in CA including climbing Mt Whitney, highest peak in the lower 48, Cascades Mtns in CA, OR   

            and WA, the Rockies in ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, NM. Extensive day and overnight hikes in Alaska.

    Canada, Hiked throughout the Rockies in Alberta and BC, in the Coast Range of BC, and the West Coast Trail on

            Vancouver Island.

     Cuba, Climbed Pico Turquino 6476ft, highest peak

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